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The stamp and brandname

Below you can see our stamp that guarantee real handgrave silver from C.O.Persson.
The first stamp is the producer stamp the second is locality and the two last is silver percentage and production year.


For more than 200 years Swedish silver has been controlled and stamped.  In row of stamps above the left hand is used by the manufacturer C.O.Persson and the next one Haparanda.  Two others are used by the Royal Minting Adjusting Works as control stamps- and the outer one to the right indicates the year of manufacturing.

About us

The pattern for the model on Tornedalssilver is the flower with the latin named Chamaedáphne calyculáta. It have been engrave by C.O.Persson since 1908. Chamaedáphne calyculáta Is the prototype for the Tornedal Model and stand upright twigs about 15-30 cm height. The Leaves are ablong oval with a somewhat backward rolled border with silver shining scales, especially on the under side.
The leaves are leather-like.  The flowers are placed unilaterally in a cluster at the branch tips. The crown is white to light scarlet. The plant has a two-leaves sepal and grows in swamp and marsh land.
It is very rare in Sweden and grows only in the Northern part (Torneriver valley) close to the Finnish border.  It has, however, also been observed in the neighbouthood of Luleå in the parish of Nederluleå.

The Year 2008 C.O.Persson celebrate 100 year and the vision from the owner Fredrik Andersson are that Tornedalssilver should bee on the Nobel table.

Carl Oskar Persson

Carl Oskar PerssonC.O.Person was founded in 24 of october 1908 of the person Carl Oskar Persson.

In the end of world war two C.O.Persson engraved thousands of coffeespoons in silver for the US soldier as a gift after service in Europe.

Sofia Persson

Sofia PerssonThe first lady were in right place on the Eriksstreet in Haparanda when the king Gustav VI Adolf visit Haparanda. He was interested in Tornedalssilver and invited C.O.Persson to become purveyor to H.M. the King. The fifth of june 1953 C.O.Persson become purveyor to H.M. the King.

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